Latitude: 62.44341
Longitude: -127.8723

Welcome to Nahanni Heli Adventures

We cover your every helicopter need in and around South Nahanni National Park in the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s NWT. Nahanni Heli Adventures gives you access to the Cirque of Unclimables, Mt. Nirvana, Glacier Lake, Avalanche Lake and anywhere you wish to go heli hiking, heli biking, backpacking, camping or mountain climbing.

Nahanni Heli Adventures holds the only backcountry landing and guiding license for the entire South Nahanni National Park. This enables us to get researchers and outdoor enthusiasts into the most remote places for wilderness climbing, hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. Places far beyond Viriginia Falls, where the mainstream park visitor cannot reach.

Our helicopter base is located just outside the South Nahanni National Park boundaries, on the Root River, in the heart of the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories of Canada. From here we are a gateway to the Nahanni, to the remote wilderness of the Ram Plateau, Grizzly Bear Lake, Shelf Lake, Rabbitkettle Lake and its Tufa Mounds, as well as Vampire Peaks, the glaciers and ice shelf of the Ragged Range, Lotus Tower and Fairy Meadows, Tungsten, Scimitar Canyon, the Thundercloud, Broken Skull, Ravensthroat and Nahanni Rivers. We are a family owned, private business specializing in any logistical support for the adventurer and the business entrepreneur alike.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT AT Nahanni Heli Adventures

If you are looking for a guided wilderness adventure tour or trip of a lifetime in one of the most amazing, remote places this world has to offer, then hike, backpack, mountain bike, climb, fly by helicopter, and camp with us in the silent, endless, empty mountains of Canada's South Nahanni Ranges in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. Or follow your dreams into an inaccessible, forgotten place by yourself with the aid of our helicopter services or cabin rentals. Run with caribou, search for fossils, set foot in canyons, on mountain ridges, in the UNESCO World Heritage site of South Nahanni National Park Reserve. Be the soaring eagle over never ceasing mountain scenery, perch wherever freedom takes you, feel the thrill of wild places no other human has ever been to. We will guide you gently through a land of northern silence, allowing you a breathtaking experience of solitude.

The essence of helicopter hiking is to experience the mountain beauties on two feet but to get there as effortlessly as a bird on the wing. The Nahanni is so utterly remote that it can only truly be accessed by helicopter. Our Longranger will lift you effortlessly and safely, easily leapfrogging mountain ranges, leaving you to enjoy the greater view from above.

Our hikes are tailored to all levels of fitness, experience and age. This is a customized trip. Your input will determine the daily flights, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, or backpacking trips, or bike rides.

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WHO ARE Nahanni Heli Adventures

Nahanni Heli Adventures is family owned and operated by Werner Aschbacher and his wife Sunny Petersen. Born and raised in Austria and Germany, we have made our way across the world, guiding in Europe, Australia, South America and North America.

Outfitting isn't our job; it is our way of life because of our love of wilderness, bush flying, wildlife and independence. Our commitment not only extends to our business and clients, but to the South Nahanni ranges of the Mackenzie Mountains, by which we are spellbound.

About Us - Nahanni Heli Hiking, Biking & Camping Adventures | Northwest Territories, Canada North

Solitude &
true wilderness

South Nahanni is not a wilderness you can visit for the weekend. There are no trails, signs or maps either. This is true, spectacular wild country. You will be the only people in hundreds of miles of land, maybe even the first people. You will not see traces of mankind. You will visit a land that has not changed since the last ice age - and it is all yours to explore.