Cabin Rental

Log cabin living in the wilderness - anyone?

If you have always dreamed of log cabin living in the wilderness with breathtaking views, wild animals out front and cozy times inside, then this is for you.

Little Dal Lake (the maps call it Coates Lake) is a succession of two lakes nestled in a green bowl between grey mountains above the Thundercloud and Silverberry Valleys. Little Dal Camp, an hour on foot from the lakes, sits above the Thundercloud at the foot of reddish Coppercap Mountain, dotted by white Dallsheep. It is protected by dark green spruce and light green meadows with open vistas of purple mountains, showcasing the immensity of the valley out front.

It's pure wild wilderness in every direction but nature's riches have drawn what little crowds have been available throughout its short history. Surely indigenous peoples have passed through this game richer area. Back in the 30's trapper Dalziel (therefore Little Dal Lake as the common name) reportedly came through on his snow shoes and with his little plane, but left no mark. In the 50's Coppercap Mountain caught the attention of geologists mapping from the air, and our Little Dal camp started as an exploration camp.

The new, hand built log cabins replaced older buildings and make this camp what it is today: a cozy retreat in an empty land. The sleeping cabin has four bunks, another can be found in the kitchen cabin. The kitchen's front porch invites you to enjoy your coffee, while trying to take in the scenery or watching a herd of caribou move past. Inside you are warm and protected and can keep the wilderness out when you want to. Both cabins are heated with wood stoves. A propane stove serves all cooking and baking needs. The cabins are absolutely off grid in any possible way. You will fetch your water at the little wash station on the creek, and light a candle and Coleman lantern once the midnight sun starts waning (after mid-August). You can leave your Smartphone at home unless you wish to take photos of some wolves coming through.




2 off grid log cabins in the middle of breathtaking nowhere with hiking and berry picking, wildlife viewing and fishing


Dream location in the Mackenzie Mountains, 130 air miles from the next road, 300 air miles from Whitehorse and 200 air miles from Fort Simpson


Fly in to our base camp from Whitehorse, Yukon or Fort Simpson, NWT and get ferried to Little Dal camp with the helicopter.


July, August, September


Daily cabin rental fee for the camp starts at CAN$ 150, plus bush plane flight and helicopter time