This is a special trip for anyone craving wild places.

The greater South Nahanni area in the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories is so utterly remote that it can only truly be accessed by helicopter. No plane, no hardcore backpacker, no canoe can take you where our helicopter can drop you off. There is no other option for the hiker who wishes to see the inaccessible wilderness of the high country than by getting there like a bird on the wing. The helicopter will lift you comfortably and safely, easily leapfrogging mountain ranges, and will take you to the most breathtaking, amazing and utterly pristine places of an entirely wild, silent, empty land.

Be the soaring eagle over mountain tops, perch wherever freedom takes you, feel the thrill of wild places no other human has ever been to.




Greater South Nahanni area, including South Nahanni National Park (a World Heritage Site), in the southwestern corner of the Northwest Territories, Canada; utterly remote and mostly inaccessible – unless you have a helicopter.

How to get there?

Access into the general area is via bush plane from Whitehorse, Yukon or Fort Simpson, NWT; after that we take the helicopter


The essence of heli hiking is to experience the mountain beauties on two feet, but to get there as effortlessly as a bird on the wing. Our hikes are tailored to all levels of fitness, experience and age. This is a customized trip for you or your group. Your input will determine the daily flights and hikes. You have a choice of going guided and outfitted, or of simply contracting our logistical support.


On a guided trip the helicopter will drop you off at the end of a day of flying and sightseeing. A camp will then be established with simple dome tents and light backpacking gear. From here you will hike the breathtaking land of the greater South Nahanni area, in a place that the civilized mind cannot fathom. You may wander with the caribou, in silence and solitude and emptiness, in the incredible world of true wilderness far away from any human trace, a forgotten land of nowhere. It’s an endless country of pure beauty at every step and vista, a wild place of hundreds of thousands of acres of undulating mountain ranges.

Some of the places might bear a famous name: South Nahanni, Virginia Falls, the karsts of the Ram Plateau, the Cirque of Unclimbables, Rabbit Kettle Hotsprings; but mostly this country is unnamed, unvisited, unknown; lying there cloaked in its own beauty, beckoning with camp spots and making you want to hike and hike and see.

The helicopter will ferry you from one such camping and hiking location to the next, always taking time for more sightseeing stops inbetween.


Guided Trips run throughout July and August


Individual custom trips, but we recommend a minimum of 5 days


Anyone. Max group size for a guided trip is 4-5


This is a custom trip and pricing very much depends on helicopter time used.

A guided trip starts at CAN$ 8500/person, plus bushplane flight into the remote area.

Take on our invitation then and sit under the rays of the midnight sun atop a mountain, some mountain without name, somewhere out there, far away.


You are on vacation. You want to be comfortable, sleep well, eat well. And you will.

While out heli hiking we will be camping, using small domed tents, freeze dried food and a satellite phone/InReach. We provide all camping gear – light, high tech and in good working order. Weight is always an issue when flying in small aircraft, therefore spike camping, even with modern conveniences, is a return to simple basics.

During the hike food will mostly be freeze-dried but tasty as well as nutritious, balanced and healthy, with additional gourmet perks. We happily cater to your tastes, allergy problems or diet. There is no way we will let you go hungry for lack of, or tastelessness of food.



We dedicate ourselves to keeping this land the way it is right now – absolutely and entirely wild.