Your Support in Remote Areas

Located just outside the Nahanni National Park boundaries, we service anyone in need of helicopter flights in and outside the park: mountain climbing, hiking/trekking and rafting expeditions, exploration, mining, film productions, scientific research, emergency extraction and more.  We are able to get you to the most remote of places that are otherwise entirely impossible to reach.

Our helicopters are the seasoned mountain machines of the north – a Bell Long Ranger L1 and a Bell Jet Ranger 2, backed up by a Cessna 206 on tundra tires for the logistical support necessary in establishing fuel caches over the long distances involved. We are able to service you with external cargo baskets, stretchers, longlining and slinging, and extensive knowledge of the area.

  • fuel caches to operate over the long distances involved
  • baskets, stretchers, longlining, slinging
  • extensive knowledge of the area
  • logistical support
  • emergency extraction, also fixed wing support

We service anyone in need of helicopter flights in and outside the park:

  • Mountain climbing, hiking/trekking expeditions
  • Scientific explorations
  • Aerial photography and film
  • Emergency extraction

We are based out of the remote Root River area, near its headwaters – the only helicopters stationed in the heart of the mountains.  Our base camp runway has 2400 useable feet and can be reached with planes such as Dornier, Caravan, Navajo, and Skyvan.  Air miles to main South Nahanni Park features like the Cirque of Unclimbables and Virginia Falls range from 70 to 90 miles, one-way.

Between July 15 and October 10.

Starts at CAN$ 1450/hour

Simply contact us to find out how we can support you in your projects.