Where, What and How

Here you will find answers to questions you may have regarding booking & travel, guided trips or simply logistical support as well as general issues. If anything is not covered, feel free to contact us.


With a bush charter plane organized by us, either from Fort Simpson or Norman Wells, NWT; or Whitehorse or Watson Lake, Yukon.

There is usually up to half a year lead time.

No.  There are charter companies in Ft. Simpson (plane and helicopter) who can offer this much more cost effectively.

This is one trip option – taking flights out of camp and return to the comforts of shower and home cooked meals by day’s end.  For longer trips and longer distances it makes more sense to go wilderness camping.

This is not weekend trip country. It takes a couple of days just to get here and leave again – in good weather.

Yes we can as long as the Park doesn’t shut down landing in the Cirque. Our helicopter is stationed about 80 air miles east of the Cirque, so a combination of plane charter and helicopter is your best option to keep costs low.

Base camp is at 2500 feet (700 m). The highest goat peak in the Ragged Range is around 9000 feet (2700 m). Most our hiking will be between 1000 m and 2000 m (3300 feet to 6600 feet).

If you are flying Watson Lake-Cirque of Unclimbables or Mt. Nirvana for a self-guided trip it might be cheaper to charter a helicopter straight out of Watson.

The beauty is that you do not have to hike far, and that any shape and form is a good one for this trip!

This is grizzly country. We take bear defence measures and our guides are prepared to keep you safe.

Whatever you are looking for we will have the right guide for you to do just that.

Variable. Be prepared with everything from t-shirt to woollies throughout every day throughout the entire summer. You will receive a detailed gear list.

The guide knows how to guide in the north, read a map and a GPS and gets clear directions from the outfitter. The exciting part is that we are forever exploring new and untouched places – and you can be part of this.

Yes. We will make this a big family adventure for all of you, one that all can enjoy and scale. Please keep in mind though that there are no instant helicopter pickups nor child care in base camp, while you keep hiking.

Contact us, get an offer, decide and discuss with us, send a deposit and get a corresponding receipt from us to complete the reservation/booking.

Yes. It is detailed and will be sent to you prior to your trip.

No. All gear apart from your sleeping bag and mattress will be provided, including high quality backpacking food. We do rent sleeping bags, mattress and backpack if you require this service. Freeze dried dinners, jerky, cheese, salami, cans of fish/meat, bread, trail mix, granola and chocolate bars, dried fruit, etc. We certainly cater to food preferences and allergies.

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