The Area

Wilderness untouched since the last Ice Age

South Nahanni is not a wilderness you can visit for the weekend. There are no trails, signs or maps either. This is true, spectacular wild country. You will be the only people in hundreds of miles of land, maybe even the first people. You will not see traces of mankind. You will visit a land that has not changed since the last ice age – and it is all yours to explore.

  • Virginia Falls
    Tallest waterfall in Canada in the Nahanni National Park Reserve, at an elevation of 500 m (1,600 ft), almost twice as high as the Niagara Falls.

  • Cirque of the Unclimbables
    A mountain climber’s dream with the sheer walls of the Lotus Tower to scale above a green, flowering, gorgeous alpine meadow surrounded by grey spires.

  • Nahanni National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site with 4,000 feet (1,2 km) high canyon walls

  • Glaciers

  • Hot springs
    Soak in your very own hot spring amongst wildflowers under towering peaks.

  • Ram Plateau

  • Ragged Range (the largest glacier field in NWT) with lakes like jewels

  • Fossils
    Former ocean reefs of the Devonian with ammonites, different types of corals, sea shells, trilobites

  • Wildlife
    Dall sheep, mountain goats, caribou, moose, wolves, bears, smaller game

Book a guided heli hiking trip or flightseeing tour with us!


Run with mountain caribou, search for and observe Dall sheep, moose, mountain goats, wolves, bears, birds and much more in these remote and wild places.

Where we are

Nahanni Heli Adventures’ helicopter base is located in the heart of the Mackenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada, just outside Nahanni National Park in the middle of the mountains near the Root River:

  • 90 air miles to the Ram Plateau and Scimitar Canyon
  • 83 air miles to Virginia Falls
  • 80 air miles to Glacier Lake and the Cirque of Unclimbables
  • 77 air miles to Rabbitkettle Lake and the Tufa Mounds


Your trip will start with a charter flight in a bush plane from Ft. Simpson (NWT), Norman Wells (NWT), Whitehorse (Yukon) or Watson Lake (Yukon). The bush plane will take you to our base camp. It’s a little village of guides, pilot, outfitters and family as we also accommodate hunting guests when they are not in their spike camps. We will welcome you warmly with tasty homemade food and heated cabins. We also have a shower house (showering just like at home), sauna, washing machine, wifi, alcoholic drinks, soft mattresses and bedding, quads for excursions, our very own fossil canyon, fishing, hiking and berry picking.

Ready to dive into the adventure of a lifetime?